Bahamas Info

Bahamas Gateway FBO’s are a select group of Fixed Based Operators trained by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to assist pilots flying to the Islands of the Bahamas with nearly every facet of their journey. We Have Customs and Immigration information including the requisite forms on hand, charts, supplies and even information on where to stay and what to do. Much of the information we share comes from first hand experience, so we are able to uniquely relate to customers and tailor our recommendations to their desires. We also have life rafts and vests for rent and typically stock vests for sale.

If you are planning to fly to the Bahamas or are just curious about the process then stop in and pick up a FREE Bahamas Packet that includes a step-by-step walk thru of all the forms you will need for your trip, both going and coming. We can even assist with obtaining a U.S. Customs over-flight exemption that will allow you to operate non-stop back into Orlando Executive Airport. We have a great Customs office with a growing reputation!


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