Last Aircraft Sold by Showalter Flying Service Delivered

On March 15, 2015 we delivered N420WE, a gorgeous 1981 Cessna 421C to her delighted new owner.  While we are now operating as Showalter Aviation and Marine, we purchased the 421 prior to the incorporation of said entity, so the airplane was purchased by the still-in-operation Showalter Flying Service, Inc.  Since SAM, Inc is now fully operational and actively buying and selling airplanes, SFS will no longer be used for any sales activity going forward.  

Upon reflection Bob Showalter, Chairman of SFS and Chief Pilot at SAM, figures that comfortably over 1200 airplanes were sold by Showalter Flying Service between 1945 and 2015, making this sale very significant and pretty emotional for all of us.  We are proud to be carrying on as Showalter Aviation and Marine, and also exceptionally proud of the history of quality and integrity that Showalter Flying Service represents.  Safe travels and tailwinds to N420WE and her new owner, both of whom will have a place in our family's history.