Who We Are

The SAM team, from left to right:  Bob Showalter, Sandy Showalter, Kim Showalter, and Rachel Haymes.  Of course the photos wouldn't be complete without Bennett the airport dog!

Today Showalter Aviation and Marine, Inc. strives to carry forth the Showalter name in both the Orlando area and the General Aviation industry.  Founded immediately upon the sale of Showalter Flying Service, SAM was set up to provide simply the best aircraft sales experience possible.  Principles Sandy and Bob Showalter are both veterans of the aircraft sales business with hundreds of transactions to their credits.  Specializing in the brokering, acquisition, management, and sales of piston and light turbine aircraft, SAM can provide assistance to everyone from an individual buying their first airplane to a corporation setting up an international flight department.  

If you are looking to buy or sell, give us a call and we'll gladly spend our time learning your needs and finding the right path.  Let us put our family's 70 + years of experience in aviation to use for you!

Oh, and what about the "and Marine" part of the name?  Bob and Sandy both have spent much their lives, when not in the air, on the waterways of Florida. Both are experienced boat owners and operators, and when time allows, just may buy and sell a few boats too!  Check back often for both aviation and marine inventory updates!