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The Interview Package Includes:

  • A 90-minute Collaborative Virtual Meeting with 30-minutes of familiarization and a 60-minute virtual mock interview.
  • A 15-minute Interview Debrief Call (optional)


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Good news! You’ve just landed an interview for your dream job, but now your anxiety is surging over the thought of having all eyes on you.

Perhaps you’ve been laid off or are in an active job search mode and simply want to hone your interviews skills for potential prospects.

Whether imminently interviewing or gaining valuable practice, let me help you get comfortable in the spotlight! While no two interviews are identical, there are some commonalities and eventualities you should be prepared to handle.

I have participated in interviews during my entire career, and it has truly become one of my favorite aspects of candidate development. Coaching someone through their nervous tendencies and building confidence is my specialty.

When you schedule a mock interview with me, you will receive a 90-minute virtual meeting. The first 30-minutes will be spent getting to know more about you and understanding what types of positions you are seeking.

The final 60-minutes of our meeting will comprise of the real-time mock interview. My collaborative and comfortable interview style is intended to put you at ease, allowing you to focus on choosing your words and being mindful of your physical presence.

In addition, I offer one 15-minute interview debrief call after a real-world interview to answer any questions about your performance or receive feedback on your preparation.

My interview goals for you include boosting your confidence in your appearance, mannerisms, and answers to key questions. Interviewing is stressful and practicing with a pro is the best way to elevate your interview skills!

Elevate Your Career Package

Want it all? The Elevate Your Career Package allows you to purchase SBACC’s most popular services at a bundled rate.

I can think of no better investment than a Showalter interview prep prior to meeting with your new potential employer. Great insight to the process and instant feedback about your responses that will give you a leg up on your competition. Being prepared is the key to being successful in any interview process and Jenny can get you there.

Director of Aviation

Jenny is very talented and able to pivot to accommodate any field. Her ability to help formulate a story and provide direction in handling HR questions is top notch! She was very instrumental in my success and would love to have her as a mentor.

Part 91 Pilot Spouse