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One on one career coaching

If you are already a professional working in the business aviation industry, congratulations! You’ve worked hard to achieve your status. But that doesn’t mean that you are completely satisfied with your career.

Perhaps you feel stagnant, confused, discontent or directionless in your current position. Or maybe you have a clear career goal in mind but can’t seem to reach it.

Do any of these feelings describe you? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

With over 25 years of business aviation experience from the front lines of a busy FBO to the high stake’s world of recruiting and placements for corporate flight departments, I am ready to help you achieve a more fulfilling career.

Maybe you are considering a future career in business aviation, and you aren’t sure what that might look like or which path you should take to get there. I have worked with people in all stages of their careers, from college students to retirees, and entry level positions to leadership.

When you book a one-on-one business aviation career coaching session with me, you will receive a dedicated one-hour virtual meeting focused 100% on your needs. My coaching process is collaborative, relaxed, and enjoyable.

I promise to value your unique story, while guiding you compassionately, skillfully, and confidentially toward solutions for your most important career decisions.

Elevate Your Career Package

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Coming from several decades of 121 flying, Jenny was invaluable in helping me polish my resume, interview skills, and online presence to be able to successfully market myself back into the corporate aviation world. Additionally, she helped me refine and clarify what I wanted to do and enabled me to patiently sort the good from the mediocre and focus on a position that was the right fit for my goals. I never would have landed the position I did were it not for her guidance and counsel.

Retired (Early) Part 121 Pilot, Now Flying Part 91

Jenny is my Go-To for resume, career guidance, and interview prep. She brings forward my experience and moral compass with concise and relevant brilliance. I'm better able to determine and articulate if the organization is a good fit for me. She makes it apparent from a glance at my resume, the potential and proven abilities that I bring to an awaiting organization.

Business Aviation Leader